radical simplicity - transforming computers into me-centric appliances

Endorsements and Reviews

As information technology becomes more thoroughly integrated into our lives, it also becomes like all infrastructure—indispensable, yet invisible. This means the emphasis shifts from the technology to the people, from computational devices to appliances, and from being technology-centered to being me-centered. Hayes-Roth and Amor have provided a long-needed, essential book for the technology and business strategists who will provide the new services: for everyone who does not wish to be left behind.

Donald A. Norman
Northwestern University and the Nielsen Norman group
Author of The Invisible Computer

Too many of today's computing tools are user-hostile gadgets that force people to adapt to them, rather than doing what people really want. Web services and wireless communication can change all that. This book shows how.

Hal Abelson
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT